Spark Their Imagination With Immersive Learning

Your child learns through the play-based HighScope® early learning curriculum, which gives them an early start in literacy, math, science, and social studies. HighScope®  focuses on hands-on learning through immersive lesson plans, roleplay, and experiments your kiddo loves.

Weekly STEM Activities Inspire Fun & Creativity

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities built into your child’s learning experience help create understanding, vocabulary, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. STEM learning inspires fun, creativity, communication, collaboration, and reflection while preparing them with crucial technological skills for the future.

Onsite Speech & Behavior Therapists Offer 1-On-1
Services Throughout The Day For Children With Referrals

Social-Emotional Skills For Positive Relationships

Using the Conscious Discipline® approach, your child learns how to express and manage their emotions, be understanding, open, and respectful to their teachers and peers, and use appropriate class and meal-time behaviors. These social-emotional skills foster healthier relationships throughout life.

Your Child Learns Best Through Play

An environment designed to stimulate natural curiosity and discovery provides your child with proven, hands-on learning experiences through play. Your kiddo uses play-based activities to engage their senses, explore freely, communicate ideas, generate solutions, and interact with others.

Your Little One Takes Their Learning Outdoors
Every Day With Gardening & Physical Activity!

Language Classes Give Them A Dual-Language Advantage

Boost your child’s communication skills starting in infancy and toddlerhood with ASL (American Sign Language) and Spanish lessons starting as young as three. They build their vocabulary and confidence with an eventual goal of 50/50 English and Spanish instruction.

All-Inclusive Enrichments Build Their Self-Esteem

Specialized classes like music, art, and language enhance your child’s skills and confidence while deepening friendships. Music classes include singing to develop language, movement for motor skills, and rhythm and melody for spatial skills that help with math and science.

Consistent Daily Routines Support Social-Emotional
Growth By Providing Predictability & Stability

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